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Private and Semi Lesson Policy

By Boulder Hockey Club, 02/22/17, 3:15PM MST


Private and Semi-Private Lessons

  • Contact the coach to set up a lesson and find out the coaches rates for private and semi-private lessons.
  • Find a BHC Private Lesson Ice session or a Sport Stable Stick and Puck that works for both parties (or all parties if a semi-private/group lesson).
  • BHC has their own ice sessions at 6:00 AM on Wednesday and Thursday mornings specifically for lessons. The BHC Private Lesson Ice is only for pre-approved BHC coaches. The ice cost is only $10 for players and free for pre-approved BHC coaches. Each coach has an individual sign-up link for these lesson times. A player must use the link to sign up for the BHC Private Lesson Ice.
  • Sport Stable has Stick and Puck sessions that can also be used for lessons. These are $12 for the players and $10 for pre-approved coaches. A player can sign up online via the Sport Stable or sign up when they arrive at the rink.
  • Pay previously agreed upon amount to the coach directly.
  • If you purchased a gift card, the coach will cross off the lesson on the certificate (it is $100 for 3 semi-private lessons).

List of Approved Boulder Hockey Club Private Lesson Coaches and Links to BHC Private Lesson Ice

Rates as of April 1, 2017